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Susan Bailey
Flight attendant Married
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Mary Ann Ball (Herron)
Retired Court Clerk Single 2
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Cynthia Bergman (Zidell)
Real Estate Sales Committed Relationship 2
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Marcy Darrow (Grossman)
Teacher Married 3
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Michael Derrick
Retired Mortgage Banker Married 2
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Ann Fitch (Goodman)
Sales Manager Married 2
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Gene Giggleman
Veterinarian/Teacher Married 2
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Suzanne Goodman (David)
Licensed Professional Counselor Married 3
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Heidi Huber (Sulak)
Semi Retired Divorced 2
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Kim Lang (Mitchell)
HR Mgr. (Retired) Married 2
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Greg Linker
Director-International Single Again
I live in the New York area, as well as in Berlin, Germany.  I'm responsible for the Company sales offices in Russia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.  Send Greg a MessageSend Greg a Message
Profile picture
Profile picture
After a 30 year career in Commercial Real Estate in Dallas, I moved to Statesboro, GA in 2002.  I have been with New York Life as a Personal Life Insurance Consultant/Agent since 2005.  I really never planned to leave Texas, but now my plan is to return.  I look forward to seeing every one at the 45th reunion.  As for me, I feel we as a class are very unique, did we ever imagine that we would build such strong bonds in a class so large?  Bonds that cross who we hung out with, and even who we at the time considered friends.  We were and still are a very diverse group, yet seemingly tied tighter together now than ever.  I was by no means close with veryone in our class, but I miss every single one of you.  Please come say hello to me at the reunion, now granted, I may not have a clue who you are, but please tell me and say hello.  Until then, take care and May God Bless You.  Presley Lomax Send PRESLEY a MessageSend PRESLEY a Message
Michelle Miller (Solis)
Rn,BSN/Administrator Married 4
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George Minton
Corporate Meeting Producer Committed Relationship 1
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Elise Naxon (Cary)
Corporate Management Consultant Married 1
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Anne Prudhomme (Bail)
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Karen Rosen (MacDonald)
IT Consultant Divorced
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Larry Rudick
Profile picture
Saudi Air Force Instructor/Trainer Married
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Zena Slagle (Fitzgerald)
Retired Divorced 1
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