What was the number one song on Billboard's Top 100 list during the week of May 29, 1971?

a)  Me and Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin
b)  You've Got A Friend -- James Taylor
c)  Brown Sugar - Rolling Stones (although if you thought "d" you were close; Joy to the World was #2 and had fallen from #1 from the previous week)
d)  Joy To The World -- Three Dog Night
Which film won the Oscar for Best Picture in April, 1971?

a) Airport
b) Five Easy Pieces
c) Love Story
d) M*A*S*H
e) Patton

25th Reunion, October 18-20, 1996

Friday, October 18, 1996  

9:00 a.m.:  GOLF TOURNAMENT.  Riverchase Golf Club, 700 Riverchase Drive, Coppell, Texas 75019. Price:$65.00 each, includes green fee, cart, box lunch, range balls, tee gift and prizes. Format: Florida Scramble. To find out what "Florida Scramble" means, or for any other information about the golf tournament, call Sam Rosenzweig (214) 248-3030. Sign-up deadline is October 8, 1996, but don't wait til then. 

6:00-10:00 p.m.:  PICNIC AT OLD CITY PARK, 1717 Gano Street, Dallas, Texas 75215. Price: free. This will be a special event at Dallas' "13 acre museum" of Dallas County's architectural and cultural history from 1840-1910. Old City Park is located in the shadow of downtown next to the old Ambassador Hotel, and consists of 35 historic homes and buildings moved to the lovely grounds of the Park by the Dallas County Heritage Society. DCHS docents will be present giving tours of the homes and the stores along "Main Street", as will the blacksmith, the printer, the potter, the log cabin cook, the Native American interpreter, the General Store proprietor, and security guards both on the grounds and at the parking lots (across the street from the main entrance to the Park). Surrey rides will also be available, as well as horseshoes and croquet on the lawn. Our own internationally acclaimed Emily Mitchell will enchant the evening with a performance on her harp (beginning at about 7:15). Pack dinner, blankets and drinks (alcohol okay) and bring all your kids to what promises to be an especially memorable evening.

Saturday, October 19, 1996

NETDAY 96. Sleep in late. We have determined that the best and quickest way we can help get Hillcrest on the net is to purchase internet service for those classroom computers already or soon to be equipped with modems and telephone lines. There are several classrooms hoping to be hooked up now, including, so far, special ed, science, english, and social studies rooms. We will provide service to as many classrooms as we can afford with the donations we receive for this purpose.

10:00-7:00 p.m.:  YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN.  Take family and friends to the State Fair, and don't miss the new IMAX Theater at the Science Place on the State Fair grounds (you should reserve tickets beforehand).

7:00 - 12:00 p.m.:  PARTY AT THE TOWER CLUB, 48th Floor, Thanksgiving Tower, 1601 Elm Street in the middle of downtown Dallas. Price: $30.00 each, includes hors d'oerves, non-alcoholic drinks, dancing, good memories, Reunion directory and one of the most spectacular views in Dallas at its finest downtown club. Cash bar. Park below in Thanksgiving Tower's underground parking lot (for $2.50). Dress: just be there, we want to see you again.

Sunday, October 20, 1996

7:30 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.: YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN AGAIN. Take an old or new friend to brunch or head back out to the Fair.

Teachers Invited Mr. Head, Chad Woolery, Mr. Skinner, Margaret Hudson, Mrs. McMillan, Miss Gump, Coach Ward, Susan Fischer, Mr. Sullivan, Mrs. Camack, Walter Burns, Mr. Neal

Your Presence Was Requested Bert Harting, Ellis Turner, Susan Manly, Susan Browning, Joy Hesla, Anne Crichton, John Gordon, John Staley, Jack Stadtman, David Gernsbacher, Scott Schafer, Steve Sachs, Lisa Mitchell, Dean Ornish, Tom Shires, Melanie Leland, Ricky Smith, Pam Pohly, Linda Liciardi, Kim Lang, Marilyn McConnell Cornwell, El Groupo, Janet Clark Galloway, Amy Larocca Schmetzel, Mark Rogers, Lee Sandlin, Steve Gandy, David Repp,Wayne Pickering, Ronnie Epps, John Howard, Steve Lucas, Randy Roberts, David Titelbaum, Bill Jansen, Sue McCallum, Mike Morrison, Julie Weatherford, Preston Hollow grads, Denise Raskin, Dori Shoss, Peggy Millheiser, everyone from Dan D. Rogers, Dmitri Carles, Carol McCulley, Cathy Covolik, Terri Vandergriff, Steve Linn, Kathy Wallace, Tim Harris, Peter Black, Tom Minick, Charisse Locke, Gloria Mitchell, John Rice, Randy Sears, Billy Spaller, Frank Jester, Nancy McCormick, Linda Kaelber, Mark Rhodes, Kitty Baker, Kathy Hickman, John Esterhay, Terry Squibb, Neil Mann, Connie Wallace, Tom Hill, Anne Baker Watson, Ron Hilliard, Susie Stoler Andrews, Steve Fuqua, Dan Dabney, Gary Damon, Mark Minor, Robert Adler, Tim (whose name I can't remember), Judy West, Woody (Staley) Mims, Don Stecker, Jeff Zander, Leanna Breeding, Chris Clements, David Stewart, Barry Rosenbaum, Celia Tripp, Rick Summy Hollingsworth, David Winn, Bob Woerner, Greg Groce, Don Massie, Jess Fulcher, Patty Hartley, Sue Duncan, Sheila Mormon, Cathy Zelzer, David Tobolowsky, Janet Sanders, Joel Smith, Jeff Karpeles, Bill Winn, Tom Helfand, Dean Elliot, Jerry Nagid, Zweig, Heut, school friends from Franklin and Pershing, Susan Bailey, David Lichten, David Overton, Paula Schlinger, Anne Prudhomme, Nancy Nicol, Janice Meyer, John Beer, Dee Hulme, Stewart Johnson, Dee Hulme, Sparky Nelms, Paul Taylor, Sugar Bear, Cherry Carter, Deborah Walker Thanks For Your Donation For The Reunion Susan K. Bailey, Terry Greenberg, Dori Shoss, Bonnie Maguire Brown and Richard L. Brown, Nancy J. Nicol Martinez, Allen Stern, Jeffrey C. Siegel, Debby Hay Spradley, Marilyn Jennings Cheney, Joy Lerner, Nancy McCormick, Barry Brown and Becky Sachs Brown, David Gernsbacher, John W. Howard, Joe Stanfield, Jane Middleton Fuchs, Sherri Landsman Pomeroy, Steve Klein, Laura Bush Skiles, Celia Tripp Reid, Jamie Jenkins Sabota, Greg Hatch, Presley Lomax, Frances Todaro Rister, Bob Woerner, Jayne Jacoby Rescoe, Leslie Zale Greco, David Winn, Patty Hartley Werner, Susie Stoler Andrews, Steve Fuqua, David Repp, Randy Roberts, Kim Lang Mitchell, David Tobolowsky, Laurie Rich, Julie Dowell, Mary Manly Wessberg, Lee Sandlin, Sammy Rosenzweig & Sandy Toppel Rosenzweig Thanks For Your Donation To The NetDay 96 Project David Repp, Lee Sandlin, David Winn, Karen Friedman Sosland, Beverly Aull Eubanks, Anne Ashby, Susan Pittman Wilson, June Warner Tehan, Susie Stoler Andrews, Richard Stein, Bob Burford, Mary Clark, Skip Bailey, Jim Heutel & Janet Johnson Heutel, Rick Spleth, David Wisler, Dave Barnett, Randie Ravkind Ellis, Carl D'Acosta, Susan Bailey, Marcy Cohen Jordan, Charles Head, Charlie Brown, Carol Bates Adamek.

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